We Handle Diverse Waste Streams

As shown in the diagram below, we process all types of material, including hazardous waste. We extract precious metals from these waste streams, enabling our clients to recover value from their materials.

Maximizing Returns for Our Customers

  • Process material to facilitate handling and sampling
  • Determine precious metal content using in-house world-class assay laboratory
  • Accurate precious metal calculations as a result of top notch laboratory
  • Prepare material for final processing
  • Final financial settlement is calculated and clients are paid approximately 45 days after receipt.
  • Clear, easy to read settlements
  • Flexible payment options, including pool accounts for precious metals

Our Process

In-House Precious Metals Laboratory

Accurate Measurements and Fast Financial Settlements

Our in-house lab offers fast turn-around times, allowing us to provide quick financial settlements for our customers. Our assay lab processes samples from customers’ materials to determine precious metal percentages. In addition to accurate sampling and lab processing, we offer fire assays, typically available only through smelters.  Fire assays allow us to accurately measure even the smallest amounts of precious metal content.

What you get paid is directly tied to our ability to evaluate and process your material accurately and effectively.

5 Ways to Benchmark Your Recovery Program

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