Medical Devices and Equipment

The medical industry depends on products made with precious metals and seeks to recover value from discontinued and obsolete products.

We process:

  • Catheters and surgical equipment parts
  • Manufacturing obsolete and excess parts and pieces
  • Manufacturing scrap from medical devices and equipment, pacemakers and artificial body parts
  • Products using silver for antimicrobial properties


The automotive industry has a history of using precious metals in the manufacture of their vehicles.  As technology becomes a larger part of automotive design, precious metal use is becoming more important in cars manufactured in recent years.

In recent years, the automotive industry has embraced more technology in their vehicles. As this occurs, we stand ready to support your needs in this area.  Industry collaborations for new automotive technologies include cooperative trial programs, prototype destruction and customized solutions.

Common products we receive from the automotive industry include:

  • Electronic control units (ECU) boards
  • Automotive defrost mechanism silver striping
  • Gold scrap from the manufacturing of airbag sensors
  • Hybrid integrated circuits (HIC) and other printed circuit boards from later model cars

Jewelry Industry

We process an assortment of scrap streams from karat scrap to crucibles and slags.

Our advanced technologies and thermal reduction process enable us to recover maximum quantities of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We offer flexible service and payment. Settlement can be made by check, wire transfer, transfer of metal to your fabricators or gold coins.

We process:

  • Karat and silver scrap
  • Filings and grindings
  • Bench and floor sweeps
  • Polishings
  • Dust collectors and filters
  • Crucibles and slags
  • Carpets, rugs and floor mats
  • Higher grade filings, grindings, sprews, gold solutions
  • Low grade polishing dust and wheels, sludges, rack pins, danglers

Trust Sims for Compliant Material Handling

Convenient Transportation

  • Assist with manifest and shipping documentation preparation
  • Coordinate regional milk-run pickups for small shipments to minimize shipping costs
  • Provide licensed hazardous waste transportation via approved carriers

How We Do It

We offer multiple processing options to ensure we maximize precious metal and value recovery from diverse waste streams, including hazardous waste.

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