What We Do

Aerospace and defense manufacturers trust Sims Precious Metals Group to reclaim precious metals from byproducts of their manufacturing processes. As a unit of the publicly traded corporation Sims Limited, we are Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and all our transactions are subject to independent audit. Our business is ITAR registered providing the assurance of confidentiality and secure destruction of all materials and data.

We have rigorous protocols for handling and processing precious metals-bearing alloys frequently utilized in the aerospace and defense industries. With locations throughout the world, we are able to support the global supply chains typical of the aerospace industry. Transparency in all our activities is a core driver for our business.

We recover precious metals from a variety of parts and waste streams, including solutions, sludges, metallics, dusts, burnables, other solids and hazardous wastes.

Our sites are fully permitted and certified, ensuring responsible processing and environmental compliance.

We Recover Precious Metals from:

  • Plating solutions with precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd)
  • Stripping solutions
  • Precious metal bugs
  • Rags, wipes, pastes
  • Dust, sweepings (including baghouse dust)
  • Off-spec parts
  • Chips, processors, other electronic devices
  • Semi-conductors
  • Sludges and residues
  • Wastewater treatment sludge
  • Circuit boards and related devices
  • Production scrap
  • Silver flight batteries
  • Precious metal bearing inks, pastes and epoxies
  • Solutions
  • ITAR destruction

Trust Sims for Compliant Material Handling

Convenient Transportation

  • Assist with manifest and shipping documentation preparation
  • Coordinate regional milk-run pickups for small shipments to minimize shipping costs
  • Provide licensed hazardous waste transportation via approved carriers

How We Do It

We offer multiple processing options to ensure we maximize precious metal and value recovery from diverse waste streams, including hazardous waste.

Program Governance

As an audited, public traded company, we operate transparently and are full accountable to our customers. Find out the nine ways we earn customer confidence and trust.

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